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Tree Removal

Getting rid of old Trees

Getting rid of old Trees (tree removal)

It could be an awkward choice, yet in some situations the tree could close to your residence, or there could be an incurable intrusion of some insect, or hang high as well near a power line. If any of these things take place it may be time to remove your tree.  Keeping it may be a disaster during the next storm.

You may have spent hours on tree pruning

You may have spent hours and dollars pruning your trees, and maintaining it where it is today, it is virtually impossible to determine when the correct time to remove it.  Once you have actually made the decision to remove the tree, call several tree service companies to get various quotes for its removal. Check with your neighbors and hour local directories to find a company that really takes time to point out anything that may be valuable to your.  Find out if companies did not do the correct methods, like dropping large pieces of tree to your yard without previously checking for underground sprinkler systems.  You may not think of this, but believe me it is better to think of this before you hear “timber”.

Make sure that you have given proper indications of where you would like the tree to be dropped if at all.  They can slowly bring down large pieces even if it is harder to do.  Some more expensive quotes may provide for this type of removal.  If any of these problems occur, its better to find out before they start you job. A good company we have heard of is Sticks Tree Service if you live in the Houston, Northwest Houston area.  You can reach them at!

Tree Removal Solutions

It could be an scary to see a tree that is close to you home.  During high winds and hurricane seasons it is not uncommon to see trees sway 5 to 10 feet in all directions.  If your home is close to that tree, there is no telling where it may fall if it becomes structurally unsound.  Have a professional tree company determine if you should be concerned.

It could be a hard choice to make, yet usually the tree that is close to the house may be undesirable to keep around, If your three is close to a power line, there are issues there too. If any of the limbs could brush up against, or accidentally fall and break those lines, they can take out your power and possibly cause a fire at your location.  These problems are real and disasters take place every day it seems.  Be prepared and take care of your trees today.  Pruning, and making sure of their health is like money in the bank.  We all love big beautiful trees, just make sure your are well kept and properly maintained.

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